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Method __construct
CliThread::__construct() in CliThreader.php
Cli-Thread Class Constuctor Just Pick Arguments and tidy them
Method __construct
SocThread::__construct() in SocThreader.php
SocThread Constructor
Method __construct
AjThread::__construct() in AjThreader.php
Ajax Class Constructor
Method __construct
Class Constuctor Just Assign Instance attributes to this Thread Specific ones
Method __construct
CallerBasic Constructor , it must be explicily called from clasese extending it (PHP OOP issue)
Method __construct
Class Constuctor just assign the $ComH varaible and Init it
Method __destruct
TClient::__destruct() in Caller.php
Class AjThread
AjThread in AjThreader.php
The Ajax Thread Calling Class
Page AjThreader.php
AjThreader.php in AjThreader.php
Variable $ComHelper
Process::$ComHelper in Caller.php
Communication Class Provided for threads of this Process
Class CallerBasic
CallerBasic in Caller.php
This is an Abstract class representing Methods all Thread-Calling classes must implement
Method Clear
Process::Clear() in Caller.php
Clear the Any Equipation of the Communication Class
Class CliThread
CliThread in CliThreader.php
Cli Thread Calling Class
Page Caller.php
Caller.php in Caller.php
Page CliThreader.php
CliThreader.php in CliThreader.php
Method Get
CallerBasic::Get() in Caller.php
takes the name of a Communication Varaible and returns it's value
Method GetID
CallerBasic::GetID() in Caller.php
Return the thread ID
Method GetState
return Thread State as read from Communication Class Varaible
Method Go
SocThread::Go() in SocThreader.php
Socket Thread Calling Specific Launching Function
Method Go
CliThread::Go() in CliThreader.php
Cli-Thread Calling Specific Launching Function
Method Go
CallerBasic::Go() in Caller.php
This is a void function with no arguments
Method Go
AjThread::Go() in AjThreader.php
Ajax-Thread Calling Specific Thread Launching function
Variable $id
TClient::$id in Caller.php
Thread ID
Method IsWindows
CliThread::IsWindows() in CliThreader.php
Detect Using Windows
Method Join
CallerBasic::Join() in Caller.php
This is a Static Function used to Join Another Thread/s (Wait for them to finish) These Threads MUST give a sign they finished (using TClien Class)
Variable $params
SocThread::$params in SocThreader.php
Parameters to be passed to thread
Variable $params
CliThread::$params in CliThreader.php
Parameters to be passed
Variable $pos
CallerBasic::$pos in Caller.php
used for Calculating Thread id
Class Process
Process in Caller.php
Instances of this class are used as Containers for threads (hence name Process :) )
Method Set
CallerBasic::Set() in Caller.php
Associates / Sets Name $name with the Value $value it can be used to create a Name or reeassign it (change it's value )
Method SetParams
SocThread::SetParams() in SocThreader.php
Socket Thread Calling Specific Parameters Setting Function
Method SetParams
CliThread::SetParams() in CliThreader.php
Cli-Thread Calling Specific Parameters Setting Function
Method SetParams
A void function with one argument
Method SetParams
AjThread::SetParams() in AjThreader.php
Ajax-Thread Calling Specific Parameters Setting
Class SocThread
SocThread in SocThreader.php
The Socket Calling Class This Class uses PHP Sockets to connect to server and launch a PHP Script/Thread it Extends CallerBasic and implelemts it's Abstract functions
Method StateName
Template::StateName() in Caller.php
Return String Representing Thread State Attribute
Page SocThreader.php
SocThreader.php in SocThreader.php
Class TClient
TClient in Caller.php
This Class is Instaitained in Called Threads
Class Template
Template in Caller.php
This class is used for Templating static names used by other classes
Method TFinalize
TClient::TFinalize() in Caller.php
Express Thread has finished and it's "Dead"
Method TGetState
TClient::TGetState() in Caller.php
Return This Thread state
Method TSleep
TClient::TSleep() in Caller.php
Puts Thread in Sleep State for $sec Fixed Seconds
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