This Example Demostrates using Shared Memory Communication with Socket Thread Calling

it's a very simple Download Manager (call it PDM) what it basicly do is getting url from user and number of connections is definde in file then it launches a number of threads of each part of file and watches thier progress till they finish

it Consists of the Files:-

1)Ex3_MainThread.php : The Main thread that Getts input , Launch other threads & watch them 2)Ex3_PartDownloader.php : The Thread Retrieves part of file

 require_once ("../Handlers/Loader.php") (line 19)
 require_once ("../Com/ShmopCom.php") (line 21)
 require_once ("../Thread/SocThreader.php") (line 20)
all (line 73)
void all ( $e,  $num,  $scom)
  • $e
  • $num
  • $scom
remote_file_size (line 86)
void remote_file_size ( $url)
  • $url

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